3 dear supporters

The 3 Treasures Fundraiser Brightening a corner of this world is supported and supported by different people. Here are a few voices …

3 treasures is a deli


With many lovingly selected products and an inspiring variety of seminars, workshops, readings, movie nights, yoga, Zen meditation, etc. It is a meeting place and for me and probably the entire old town a huge and indispensable enrichment for all of Bonn , Thank you for creating and sharing this space, where many great people meet and contribute with their ideas, products and offers.

Lisa Mikosch, yoga teacher

3 treasures for guidance, healing, and togetherness

 I have been deeply touched and inspired by the community. It is rare to find a powerful mix of integrity, connection, light, and love in one space. I especially like many young people are drawn to 3 treasures for guidance, healing, and togetherness. Treasures are committed to the work of expanding awareness, nurturing community, spreading light and sharing love. I sincerely hope that Bonn continues to generously support this beautiful place.

Kelly Owen

An unknown culture


Donate. What comes to mind? People in need, disasters, church and … well, free somehow. We give something away and get nothing for it. That’s the way it is. And yet there are cultures in which this is self-evident. Unfortunately, we have zero experience with this culture. Whenever we give something, we want something for it. But then it is no longer a donation, but a trade. Difficult, difficult …

Patrick Damschen tries to connect to this unknown culture. I keep my fingers crossed for him (and for us), for making us a bit wiser and perhaps also for sharing in this culture. Because we get something for our donation, only it is not so obvious.

Arnulf Christl

Encounter, communication and meditation


With € 10.00 a month you can support a person who devotes his heart, his wisdom, his culinary art – in short, his purpose to a very specific task: to get a place for encounter, communication and meditation. A place where you can get beautiful, fine things for yourself or friends. Things for yoga, zen, buddhism, fine green tea.

A place that in Bonn, like a small oasis, helps people to come to themselves. Unfortunately, even though Patrick is not my local dealer (it just takes us a few hundred kilometers …) – I support him very much!

Renée Kraemmer, MBSR trainer

Support your Local Peacemaker

My wife Geli and I have been supporting Abbot Muho and his Antaiji Monastery in Japan with a monthly donation for several years because we find places like Antaiji important to the world. It is often the very places that do quiet work for peace in the world, who have to struggle for their material survival.

When I got to know Patrick and the 3 Schatz store, I felt that here, too, someone makes an important contribution to peace, always struggling for material survival. A peacemaker place near me! So we redirected our monthly Dana from Japan to Bonn and now support 3 treasures with monthly 15,00 € for almost two years.

That’s not much, but if there are ten or twenty or thirty more friends supporting their Local Peacemaker with a small, regular amount, then the life of 3 Treasures is assured. Think about it!


An oasis of peace


3 treasures is for me a place where I can always feel welcome – exactly as I am. The people I meet, especially Patrick, meet me with great openness, friendliness and appreciation. Both the beautiful and interesting things to buy and the immensely rewarding events organized by Patrick continue to impress me.

3 treasures I feel as an oasis of peace, which I like to support and which I hope will continue to develop its positive charisma.

Gabriele Schulte

Neighborhood assistance and international understanding

 Patrick is the man you ask when your bike or phone is stolen, the only one with reliable connections to the Bonn underworld. He is the one who knows where in the area there could be a doubly muffled underbody key for whatever else and who otherwise develops solutions to problems in all the weirdest questions or hard nuts. A man who translates meditation into practical life; an everyday linker. A sponsorship of him is actually a sponsorship in itself, almost in the own (er) solution. Good guy in any case …

Bernd Drosihn (Torfumacher)

“I like to donate, if from afar …”

Claudia Brück 01

I live in the countryside with my family in Portugal but am from Bonn and Patrick is a very good friend of mine from “old days”. That’s why I’m glad that my donation allows me to contribute from afar, so that the 3 treasures continue to bring a little more light and peace to the (Bonn) world and make it possible to meet, because that’s what we need …


Give and take new thinking

Pamela Wich Portrait

It is not so easy to give without the expectation of something in return. Questions about one’s own advantages sneak in here and there – almost unnoticed. It is all the more important to rethink the give and take and find new ways of thinking and acting. I remember very much the conversations with Patrick in the 3 Schatz (often on the long Monks Kitchen Board) about donating in the Buddhist tradition. Patrick brought us the idea and the spirit of non-expectant giving. I am very grateful for the stimulating discussions and also for the impulses of the donation campaign “Brightening up a corner of this world”. Even after my move to Frankfurt, I like to donate 10.00 euros a month to support 3 treasures.

Pamela Wich

Return home

Reiner Hühner klein

I enter and am at home … warm colors, soft music, pleasant scents, Patrick.
Always a tea, ever something left over from lunch, at least a few sentences, often a connecting conversation, quietly relaxing time …
… and selected, carefully selected items to buy.
So a kind of little paradise with oasis character.
I experience that when I come home to 3 treasures. I should go more often …

Pure chickens

From heart to heart

Alexander Kopp klein

3 treasures with the adjoining San Bo Dojo and the Zen kitchen (Monk’s Kitchen) is for me a place of which there are far too few in Germany – a place of refuge where people are lovingly advised both in terms of meditation accessories, as well as on the way can find orientation. Patrick throws the store in the best Bodhisattva tradition – he passes on his knowledge about his products and the way from heart to heart. In addition, there are always great events, lectures and instructions from various teachers. What impresses me most is the openness and warmth with which one is met here. I refer my seminar participants with a clear conscience, the way from Cologne to Bonn to take to get advice here. Thank you Patrick and a deep bow to your work. Gassho!

Alexander Kopp, Zen-Monk, MBSR teacher and coach from Cologne

The sangha, as one of the pillars of Buddhism

Charlotte Farber Hemeling Portrait

Patrick’s 3 Treasure Shop and our regular Zen exercise at the San Bo Dojo are inseparable. The sangha, as one of the pillars of Buddhism, is lived here. Dojo and 3 treasures shop are our “home”, meeting place and communicative center for the sangha – and beyond. And at the same time, the 3-storey shop has become a center of spiritual exchange, giving new impulses to our practice over and over again. This is what Patrick creates as Dojo director and owner of 3 treasures through his international networking, his personal contacts with spiritual teachers.

With my donation, I would like to contribute to the fact that he can “afford” this (also temporally) high level of commitment in the future – in addition to the business.


What 3 treasures mean to me?

Helmut Köhn 04

First and foremost, the place was my dojo for a long time, the place where I practiced with many other zazen. The name 3 guess could not be more appropriate. Here are the three treasures Buddha, Dharma and Sangha lived.
There is no comparable and lively Buddhist center in Bonn, where the monk is present daily and, in the best bodhisattva tradition, always responsive and helpful. Although I do not practice as often in the dojo, I always like to come here. Be it to eat in the monk’s kitchen, if at home the incense sticks are all again, to one of the many practice days, to an interesting lecture or or or ….

But most of all, I’m happy to meet the monk in person. We spent countless hours together on our Zafus, where we mostly stared at the wall. That was sometimes painful (at first very), sometimes boring but above all it was a great pleasure to go the way with Mr. Damschen. Since Patrick managed the dojo responsibly and opened his specialty store for all sorts of things, there has emerged a truly vibrant center that, as I said, lives up to its name.

Helmut Köhn

Not around the corner and yet very close

Andreas Poggel 200x200

The events with different Zen teachers lured me to Bonn some years ago. The open and undogmatic cross-tradition networking is enriching and invigorating for me.
Community – a treasure that has become richer. Beyond the borders of Bonn, relationships have emerged. And our acquaintance, formerly she was fleeting and today I am looking forward to the encounters with you and the kind people you attract with your commitment. Thanks for that!

Our Zendo was equipped by the 3 treasures and – while I write these lines, I get the urge to soon again in Bonn in the assortment of the 3 treasured shop to browse …

Andreas Poggel, CSF / Mediation / Zen ( splash.jetzt )

Almost every day, I think of 3 treasures

Barbelies Wiegmann Portrait 300x300 .

.. when I’m lying on my yoga mat, stable and soft, like on a lambskin. And at least every two weeks I enjoy the tea cups, in tender turquoise at the small tea ceremony in our sangha.

The 3 treasures shop is a special treasure in the old town, with so many treasures for eyes and heart. But this treasure holds much more: a dojo for Zen meditation, lectures and cultural events. And there’s the Monk’s Kitchen, where I enjoy so much sharing the meal.

Dear Patrick, you brighten a corner of the world, – thank you!

Barbelies Wiegmann (mediator, network Buddhism in Bonn)

Judith Bühlmeier klein1

After 18 years in Bonn, I recently moved to the Ruhr area, the feeling of home and homeland since busy me more than usual. As soon as I enter the 3 cherished place, I notice again and again that this also has something from home – simply because there is nothing to do. I am welcomed with a smile, feel welcome, quite right here – no matter if I consume or am interested in an offer, leave money or just get lost in this place.

I also observe this with other people who come here: it is a place of rest and contact. It’s so valuable that there are places like these!


Natta klein

Dear Patrick,

We do not know each other personally, I have not visited the 3 treasures shop yet. My contacts to your shop and to you have been the classic online-sales, which I am always very satisfied with.

What appealed to me to respond to your personal donation appeal was the courage I have seen in doing so. I understand your call in good Dana tradition, to be able to accept something to be able to give again, in the sense of the community, which obviously many people in your shop, in contact with you. May you continue to succeed …

Greetings from Darmstadt,

Netta (MBSR teacher, yoga teacher)

Small is beautifull!

Frank Luckner 200x200

Gross is not the 3 treasures shop, but the more beautiful. That’s why the 3 Treasures Shop deserves all support. I like to rummage through the bookshelf after zazen and find more often a work that I would never get to see otherwise, without the feeling to have to buy something. I often visited the store when I was in town to talk to Patrick about Zen and life.

I wish that the 3 treasures can attract more people and lead to true happiness and well-being. I still wish Patrick much inspiration in the various tasks with which he is entrusted. And we wish all of us a Merry Christmas.

Frank Luckner

A place that leaves its mark

 Dear Patrick,

At the beginning of the year a few lines from me to the place you gave the name “3 treasures”. The first time I visited this place with the goal to “acquire” something. I found beautiful things of selected quality. What I also found was a place that left its mark on me; a place that touches me only by knowing about it.

May many people discover this place for themselves (and “acquire” whatever they are looking for).

Best regards, Om


May all be happy. May all be well.

nicole ness aw klein

After a long stay in a Buddhist monastery, I also wanted to network with people of similar orientation in Bonn. I went to search and found the 3 treasures shop. What a gift! Since I work independently, the visit of the Monks Kitchen became after a very short time an integral part of my everyday life.

The anticipation of the lunch break grew steadily – suddenly I was part of a community that made me feel that I had arrived. I realized how deep drafts and sharing with like-minded people during a simple meal together can help make you feel at home. Strangers became friends and companions, joint activities – even outside the Monks Kitchen – got a different quality.

So what could be more appropriate to support this special place with a donation? Where to start, if not on your own doorstep?

I’m very thankful to know you. It’s a nice feeling to know that you are there when I come back from my winter quarters. I want to continue to meet each one of you with curiosity and an open heart. Let us grow together and make this already very bright corner of this world even brighter.

May all be happy. May all be well.

In bondage,

Nicole ( mindful webdesign )

Just be in the middle …

Athina klein

When the corner shop in the immediate vicinity was renovated 7 years ago, we asked ourselves – what comes in there well? There was a Buddha in the otherwise empty shop window. Hm … And then: the 3 treasures … “Oh, we have a Buddhist monk in the neighborhood” was told in the apartment.

The 3 treasures are just there. Quite unobtrusive – in the middle. An invitation, without obligation. Often, when I come home from my travels, I stand in front of the shop window and see what’s new. And when Patrick is here, I’ll go in for a quick chat – and then the clocks tick differently.

Being there, being part of the environment – just like that, in the middle of it, that is what makes Patrick and the 3 treasures. Well and in any case there are always treasures in the assortment and the other offers of the 3 treasures. … and those are just a few reasons why I like to support Patrick. Thanks to you, Patrick!



I’m glad that I finally set up a standing order with a regular donation for 3 treasures. A clear commitment to support this courageous and inspirational project, which for me is a model of a contemporary interpretation of a spiritual practice rooted in Buddhism. If you do not know Patrick and 3 treasures, you should definitely catch up. Those who do not yet support this place should also make up for it. Last but not least, I can point out the very good quality of the meditation and yoga accessories to which the participants of the courses and therapies I have given in my practice and I can enjoy ourselves.

Dr. med. Malte Thormählen
Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy
MBCT teacher
Qualified Instructor Eat Right Now & Craving to Quit (CFM)


Without Borders

Birgit Cooker Regenbogen_klein

When you come in, it’s a bit like coming to a Japanese temple – “shop” is a completely misleading term for the “Three Treasures”. Without knowing that a Zen Dojo is hiding in the same house, I had the feeling that someone here is creating a spiritual space with warmth, devotion and wit. There are good and useful things to buy, but the most exciting thing is what you can not buy. Although the space is small, it is not limited. Objects and books of all Buddhist traditions find their place here – as well as a bit of all sorts of senseless and yet enjoyable bells and whistles.

Anyone can come in and feel the peace and friendliness.

To support this space is important to me.


3 treasures – more than just a good idea

My first real contact with the 3 Schatz store was the first order confirmation I received from Patrick by email. Since a real person has accepted my order …?! Alone, this tiny detail was already a way for me to break out of the usual narrow lines of thought.

Over time, my correspondence with Patrick confirmed my impression that the store was born out of a bodhisattva attitude. There is no emphasis on maximizing profit maximization (which unfortunately happens in this industry), but on creating a place of exchange, rest and relaxation. With this realization, it is easy for me to support the treasures with donations, because the money comes to a concrete, understandable and in my opinion meaningful purpose. I’m already looking forward to the day when I can be in Bonn on the spot and convince myself that my donations are actually not spent just for records and cheap fuss

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