” Do not believe what society tells you, do not believe what your parents tell you, but make your own experiences and explore your true self “

Filmposter My Buddha 212x300

The first punk fanzine, the own band with rudimentary equipment and a punk manifesto. In MY BUDDHA IS PUNK , the spirit of optimism is directly felt …

But punk and Buddhism, is that even possible? For me personally, as an aging punk and Zen monk, this was a tricky question for many years. Always in search of truth and authenticity, there was often a slight doubt. Until one day people like Brad Warner or Noah Levine and Dharma Punx appeared on the scene, conveying the Buddha’s words in their language. Even with Abbot Muho I mean between the lines to read in which circles he has moved in recent years. The above question I can now answer with an absolute “YES!” So I was curious to see the movie MY BUDDHA IS PUNK finally in the cinema …

Kyaw Kyaw Punk Sänger 02

Kyaw Kyaw , a 25-year-old Burmese punk, grew up in Myanmar’s military style of writing, which is slowly finding its way to democracy after the “Safran Revolution”. He dreams of the breakthrough of the punk movement in Myanmar and tries, along with the members of his punk band, to draw attention to the ongoing human rights violations. Especially against the Muslim population, there are always riots in Myanmar. ” Muslims are being made a scapegoat to distract from other issues, ” says Kyaw Kyaw. ” These violent conflicts are intended to give the impression that without the military in Burma there would be no order. People should think that the military provides peace and security. ” With his music and demonstrations on the streets, Kyaw Kyaw criticizes the ongoing civil war and the persecution of ethnic minorities. He travels the country spreading his own philosophy among the younger generation: a symbiosis of Buddhism and punk that rejects religious commandments and political doctrines.

Time and again the group of punks discuss their ideas about punk, their values ​​and the teachings of Buddhism. On a long train ride, KKRR (Kyaw Kyaw Rebel Riot) talks to people about Buddha and they listen intently to what this young man has to say.

My Buddha is Punk

One thought during the movie was that you just need to exchange the words ” punk ” and ” buddha ” and it would be the perfect instruction of a zen master.

Rebel with kindness and love

Members of The Rebel Riot Band say, ” It’s easy to complain but it’s better to do something “. Together with Food Not Bombs Myanmar , the punks from Yangon distribute food to the homeless.

Punks Feeding the Homeless

They’ve got mohawks and studs. And they’re feeding the hungry. They’re the punks of Yangon.

” Wisdom does not exist only where one expects it ” (Michael A. Schmiedel)

As part of the network of Buddhist groups in Bonn MY BUDDHA IS PUNK ran on Wednesday, 22.02.2017 in the cinema of the bread factory in Bonn Beuel. A great movie, to whose NRW premiere many came, a mixed audience of Buddhists, Punks, punk Buddhists and Buddhist Punks …

The film by Andreas Hartmann is a fascinating portrait of a rebellious youth culture in the midst of a restrictive, conservative and deeply religious society. Worth seeing!!!


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