The angry Buddha

“A second chance school for those who never had a first chance “

Thanks to an initiative by Barbelies Wiegmann, a network of Buddhist groups is currently forming in Bonn to encourage them to get to know each other and to exchange ideas with each other. In addition to planning a joint Vesakh Festival in 2017, a series of films with Buddhist content, which have been shown since October 2016 in the cinema of the Brotfabrik in Bonn, has come to fruition.

It all started with The Angry Buddha , a German-Austrian co-production by Stefan Ludwig , which has been screened in selected program cinemas since 23.09.2016.

It is the story of János Orsós , who founded the Buddhist Ambedkar Gymnasium in Sajókaza, a village in eastern Hungary, to offer disadvantaged Roma youth a future perspective. János Orsós himself comes from a Roma family. He is a teacher and he is a Buddhist. His model is the emergence of the Dalits, inspired by the social reformer Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar , a denigrated as “untouchables” population group in India, the country of origin of the Roma and Buddhism.

” János and his colleague Tibor do not have a ready-made recipe. They tried something, they fail, they get hostile, they try it again. They are like revolutionaries … “(Stefan Ludwig)

The angry Buddha recounts the often exhausting efforts of the teacher and his colleague Tibor Derdák to help the impoverished youth to live a self-determined life through education and spirituality and to strengthen them in the fight against social exclusion. Often they are on the brink of collapse. Almost three years, the film accompanies János’ unwavering commitment against all opposition, the hostility on the part of the Hungarian  Village community, a growing nationalist-racist policy, financial cuts and closures of schools and not least resigned Roma parents and students. At the same time, the film paints loving and unvarnished portraits of Roma adolescents, who seek their way in a world of misery and prejudice with wit and vitality.

” We are angry and we are hungry “

An absolutely worth seeing film, which does not show the Buddhist inspiration and practice as withdrawn monastic exercises, but in the middle of everyday life.


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