Arnold officials throw out some ideas about economic development, community participation


Arnold’s council is brainstorming a few ideas that could stimulate economic development and community engagement in the city.

The first is an idea from Mayor Joseph Bia that could take advantage of the planned 2022 opening of the Iron City Brewery across the Allegheny River in East Deer by Pittsburgh Brewing Co. for the benefit of Arnold.

Bia said he recently met with brewery officials about their plans. He said those plans include a brewery that can brew 150,000 barrels of beer a year, a restaurant, a beer museum and a marina.

The marina is what captured Bia’s imagination.

“I think this would be the perfect time to focus on developing our waterfront, even installing a water taxi,” he said.

“If we can get people moving across the river, maybe we could do business along our banks,” Bia said.

He added that this could not only stimulate a riverside that is not blocked by industrial buildings, as is the case in many communities, but could also stimulate the development of business and events in the neighborhood. Arnold business. He said the place where the town had a wharf is only about 300 meters downstream from where the brewery marina will be.

Bia said he raised the issue now because brewery officials said it would likely take about three years before their marina was developed.

This gives city officials plenty of time to work on a plan for Arnold.

Brewery: No finalized plan

Todd Zwicker, managing director of Pittsburgh Brewing Co., said the brewery is keen to become a community partner, but no plan has been finalized.

“We would definitely talk to all the local communities and want to be a partner and supportive of everyone,” he said.

Zwicker hopes the brewery will be operational around this time next year. He said all equipment has been ordered and the brewery aims to test brewing by the end of the month.

“Everything is progressing well,” Zwicker said.

Farmers’ market launched

The other idea launched by the municipal council is the creation of a farmers market in the city.

Mary Lou Bitar of Mohawk Drive and Larry Rowe of Victoria Avenue presented this idea to the board in the form of a written business plan.

They envision a market similar to others in the region, such as Tarentum and Lower Burrell. In addition to bringing local farmers to town to sell the fruits and vegetables they grow, Rowe and Bitar offer to have other vendors selling baked goods, homemade jams, and crafts, as well as food trucks.

They wrote: “Our goal is also to create an environment that will bring the people of Arnold together to appreciate, appreciate and be proud of our city.”

To that end, Bitar and Rowe are looking for seven residents who will volunteer their time to help launch the project next spring. They hope that some of the churches and community organizations in the city will also lend their support.

“It will be a community effort,” Bitar said.

According to their business plan, the tentative start would be in May. The market would continue one day per week, yet to be determined, ending in October.

It would stand on a vacant lot at 1701 Fifth Ave.

“This location is ideal because it is close to the towers (for the elderly) and in the city center,” Bitar said.

The Board will review the business plan. Meanwhile, Bitar and Rowe said they continue to visit agricultural markets in the area to seek ideas and get suggestions and feedback from organizers and attendees.

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