Biden to visit Howell on Tuesday to promote the infrastructure plan


Washington –President Joe Biden will visit Howell on Tuesday, the White House said on Sunday.

Biden is expected to discuss the bipartisan infrastructure plan and its “build back better” agenda, which is currently being debated in Congress.

The White House did not provide further details on the visit on Sunday morning.

The fate of the two crucial packages for implementing his agenda – the $ 3.5 trillion social spending bill backed by most Democrats and the more modest infrastructure bill backed by a bipartisan group – has been put into limbo this week as leaders debate how to move forward.

Moderate Democrats are pushing the House to pass the infrastructure bill as it determines whether the larger bill has the support it needs to pass; progressives insist the two remain linked to maintain their influence to push the $ 3.5 trillion bill.

Biden urged the Democratic caucus on Friday to delay the vote on the infrastructure package and said he would continue to negotiate on the larger package.

He also pledged to do more to educate the public about the plan’s new and expanded agendas, which he says have the support of the vast majority of the electorate.

Biden visited Michigan last June during the Traverse City Cherry Festival. During this visit, he visited a farm, bought pies and met supporters who came to shake his hand and take pictures.

The last time the president visited Metro Detroit was in mid-May, when he visited the Ford Motor Co. Red Electric Vehicle Center present its $ 174 billion plan to dominate the burgeoning electric vehicle market.

“The future of the auto industry is electric. There is no turning back,” Biden told the plant. “The question is whether we will be ahead or if we will fall behind in the race to the future.”

At this point, the administration was negotiating with Congress on what to include in the larger jobs and infrastructure plan.

Biden’s approval rating recently dropped in Michigan. About 39% of Michigan voters approved of his performance and 53% disapproved, according to a 31 Aug-Sep 3 Glengariff group survey.

Among those contributing to the decline in approval are “trend Democrat” voters whose approval fell by 32% and independent voters whose approval fell by 11%, said Richard Czuba, chairman of Glengariff .

Biden isn’t the only Washington official coming to Michigan to promote the infrastructure plan.

U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia L. Fudge will be in Detroit on Monday to lobby for the Biden-Harris administration’s Build Back Better program and its investments in housing construction and rehabilitation, economic development and community revitalization.

In the morning, the Secretary will visit the Thome Rivertown and Delta Manor neighborhood, both senior housing communities in Section 202. In the afternoon, she will visit Clement Kern Gardens, an 86-unit complex that will be developed under a $ 30 million HUD Choice Neighborhood grant. The development is an example of how the Build Back Better housing investments and HUD programs will revitalize communities.

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