Congress deploys “Catch the Youth” strategy to counter RSS-BJP via “Jawahar Bal Manch”

Congress is in war mode with the RSS on the ideological front and has launched a series of programs to counter the RSS-BJP ideology and attract young people and children aged 7 to 18 to its fold. The party believes that young talent can be potential workers and party leaders, as the current party lacks talent.

Recently, Congress inducted Kanhaiya Kumar, a leftist student leader and a good JNU speaker in the party. He has Hardik Patel and Jignesh Mewani is also expected to officially join ahead of the Gujarat polls.

Congress Secretary General KC Venugopal has written to all units in the State Party to establish Jawahar Bal Manch (JBM) in their respective State. “Jawahar Bal Manch is one of its corollary types of organizations affiliated with AICC with the sole purpose of providing and securing a holistic learning and development environment for those who belong to the age group of 7 to 18 years old, ”he said.

“JBM owes its spirit and fervor to the vision of the mission to the ideals of Jawaharlal Nehru who always wanted to catch them young and prepare them as future architects of India,” he added.

“In addition to providing holistic learning and development opportunities, JBM envisions and aspires to instill in children the essence and idea of ​​India, in addition to streamlining and shaping their community while nurturing their cultural aspirations. and artistic, ”Venugopal asked the state. unit to support the JBM. The Jawahar Bal Manch will work on training future leaders in the country. Children are the future of the country. They are and always must remain at the forefront of nation building and will give new direction to our country. The JBM aims to build a strong network of organizations across the country.

The Manch was active in Kerala and now the party wants to expand to India. It seeks to instill in children the qualities of social values, creativity and innovation, personal effectiveness, proactive participation in social and national causes, adherence to democratic, secular and socialist ideals and the pride of the nation. The need to anchor the concepts of brotherhood, equality and compassion in young minds is one of the key goals of this group’s gatherings.

Congress launched this campaign in December under the chairmanship of GV Hari. The JBM has given good talent to Kerala where it was established and State Congressman Ramya Haridas is one of them from the organization that won the Lok Sabha elections.

Jothimani, MP from Tamil Nadu, said: “Ramya Haridas, the young MP from Lok Sabha, is the gift of Jawahar Bal Manch and in the times to come, the Manch would strive to produce more such leaders who would give direction. in the country”.

This organization aims to make children aware of the importance of diversity, inclusion, equality, justice and secularism, in the idea of ​​India, so that the fundamental spirit of Constitution to be protected in the future, she added.

“These days, the lives of people like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi are distorted by lies, disinformation and photoshop. There is a conspiracy at stake. By deliberate distortion, the lives of these haloed leaders are portrayed in order for the Congress Party to be targeted. There is a deliberate intention to remove these leaders from the pages of history and Jawahar Bal Manch will function as a bulwark against such distortion efforts, ”Hari said.

The JBM was formed 2 months ago under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. “We are going to create an organization active all over India. He said the Manch is dedicated to working and engaging with children aged 7-18, “said GV Hari.

“The main motto of this organization is to help build the future of the nation through children who must be brought up in laughter and love, with the melody and rhythm of songs; without discrimination of any kind, whether physical, mental or emotional, among the myriad colors of life available to them, so that they may grow up and become worthy citizens, ”added Hari.

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