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GULF SHORES, Alabama (WKRG) – It has to be one of a homeowner’s worst fears – a house fire or any other emergency.

“A lot of the time our responders go on a call without a lot of information other than the type of incident we’re going to have,” said Gulf Shores Fire Chief Mark Sealy. Sealy says the more information they can get before they get to the scene, the better. That’s the premise behind a computer program called Community Connect, launched this week by Gulf Shores Fire and Rescue. The program gives residents the opportunity to provide details about their home that are available to first responders prior to their arrival.

“We are planning a lot of things,” said firefighter Michael Lucas. “It’s about being a good firefighter, taking the next step and trying to always be one step ahead, but it’s always good when you can plan that.

In the past 24 hours, nearly 100 people have signed up with the type of house, owner’s name and contact details, if a person with special needs lives there and how many animals are on the property. “They can put as little information as they want or as much as they want,” Sealy said.

You hope you never need to call the fire department, but if you do, “Any information that we can gather early on will help us plan,” Lucas said.

Community Connect could help first responders answer the call before they even get there.

For more information on the program and to create a profile for your household, click on here.

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