House in Hill View, Temple Hill has been ordered to close after repeated calls from police for anti-social behavior and drug use


A council house was closed following frequent reports of anti-social behavior and “unacceptable” drug use.

Officers have sought a closure order following repeated calls to the Hill View real estate development, Temple Hill.

PC Shokar with a housing officer from Dartford City Council after the house was closed following a court order. Photo: Kent Police

The tenants of the property were reported to be causing an “unacceptable level of nuisance” to neighbors with antisocial behavior inside.

Last Friday, the Dartford Community Safety Unit requested the house be closed under the Anti-Social Behavior, Crime and Police Act 2014 at Medway Court.

The order, which was backed by Dartford council, prohibits anyone, except council employees or contractors, from entering the premises until Thursday, December 23.

Anyone entering the premises in violation of the ordinance may be subject to a fine or imprisonment.

Inspector Paul Diddams said the impact of antisocial behavior on the local community, even by one person, should not be underestimated.

Dartford Council Chief Jeremy Kite said reports of anti-social behavior were dealt with promptly.  Photo: Steve Crispe
Dartford Council Chief Jeremy Kite said reports of anti-social behavior were dealt with promptly. Photo: Steve Crispe

He said: “We are committed to working with partner agencies to ensure that all available resources and powers are used when it comes to tackling anti-social behavior so that we help make Dartford and its people. surroundings a safe place to work, live and visit.

“My officers will continue to work in communities where issues of anti-social behavior have been raised to ensure that we take action against offenders.”

Dartford Council Chief Jeremy Kite said: “No resident should have to put up with this kind of behavior on their doorstep and we have moved quickly to end the anti-social behavior emanating from the property.

“We are proud that our close relationship with Kent Police has enabled us to put this shutdown order in place quickly, to restore some peace and quiet to people’s lives.

He added: “I hope this will have a chilling effect on all other residents who wish to act so selfishly in the future, as we will take strong action under such circumstances.”

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