Launched an engagement app to help students find experiences outside of the classroom

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA – Penn State has launched a new mobile app designed to help undergraduates at every college and campus extend their learning through engagement outside of the classroom. The Engagement App is a college-wide platform that connects students with the wide range of engagement experiences available to them at Penn State. It is also a way for students to connect with other students and faculty who have similar interests.

“Penn State students have a plethora of opportunities outside of the classroom at their fingertips, but they may not know how to find them,” said Michael Zeman, director of the Student Engagement Network, who led the development. of the application. “The Engagement app is designed to help students identify and track experiences that match their interests, so they can embark on a meaningful journey outside of the classroom to complement their learning in the classroom. ”

The Engagement app is designed to help students identify opportunities to participate in student organizations, undergraduate research, study abroad, community service, and / or internships. Students can use the app to search for experiences and filter results by college, campus, and major. Other features of the app include the ability to:

  • Find or post events and link them to a personal calendar.
  • Track experiences and chart its growth.
  • Connect with students and faculty who have similar interests.

The app, which is free to Penn State students, is available for download from the App Store or Google Play by searching for “Penn State Engagement App.” Users log in using WebAccess, and the app automatically retrieves their Penn State information.

Win a donation for your organization

The development of the application was led by the Student Engagement Network in partnership with the external supplier Navengage. Additional features and functionality will continue to be developed and added to the app over the next year. Students are encouraged to send their feedback on the application to the staff of the Student Engagement Network at [email protected]

To kick off the new semester, Navengage is donating a total of $ 1,000 to student organizations starting January 18th. Follow @EngagePennState on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more details. Organizations can expect to receive an email with complete information before January 18.

Winners will be announced via the Student Engagement Network’s social media, @EngagePennState on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Follow Penn State Undergraduate Education on Twitter and Instagram at @PSU_Undergrad.

Other resources for engagement, including mentoring and funding, are available through the Student Engagement Network.

The Student Engagement Network is a joint initiative between Undergraduate Education, Student Affairs and Penn State Outreach. The mission of the Student Engagement Network is to advance the power of participation by connecting students with experiences that enable them to have a positive impact as citizens and world leaders.

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