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USAMPS bids farewell to Bennett and welcomes Klosterman on change of responsibility

Incoming Military Police Regiment Command Sgt. Major Shawn Klosterman (left) assumes the colors of Col. Steven Yamashita, deputy commander of the U.S. Army Military Police Academy, during a change of responsibility ceremony Sept. 23 at Gammon Field, as MP out of regimental command Sgt. Major Michael Bennett watches. The ceremony took place during MP Regimental Week – the MP Corps celebrated its 80th anniversary on September 26.
(Photo credit: Photo by Ryan Thompson, Fort Leonard Wood Public Affairs Office)


FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. – The United States Army Military Police Corps celebrated its 80th anniversary as the United States Army Military Police School hosted the events of Regimental Week here.

Brig. USAMPS Commander General Niave Knell thanked the soldiers and civilians of the Army, who “take care of the mission and our people.”

“As we tackle the challenges ahead, never forget that we are the Army’s primary dual-use force,” she said. “In competition, we preserve preparation; in the event of a crisis, we secure critical capabilities, assets and activities; in the event of a conflict, we accompany the maneuver with support for security and mobility, police operations and detention. Our actions mitigate strategic risk, all day, every day, with our soldiers, civilians and MP families standing by to carry out our nation’s orders.

According to Lt. Elijah Brown, one of the USAMPS organizers, the COVID-19 precautions changed the look and feel of the annual celebration, but also allowed an emphasis on an online presence. wider throughout the week.

“A major initiative that our team committed to early on as we planned for Regimental Week was to expand both our social media coverage as well as overall online activity,” said Brown. “Given the COVID environment, we knew Regimental Week would be a little different from previous years. Our main objective was to ensure that, given our constraints, all members and supporters of the Military Police Corps could still participate, albeit virtually. “

Brown said one of this year’s virtual initiatives was a daily physical training challenge posted on social media throughout the week. Regimental leaders have asked MP units to add photos of participating soldiers. On day one, for example, units were challenged to travel 80 combined miles to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the MP Corps.

One of the units that took on the first challenge was the 795th MP Battalion. They posted nearly 20 photos of their executives and interns “taking care of it”.

“The challenges allowed us to recognize the efforts of our troops and start the fire for friendly competition within the regiment,” said Brown. “Despite the constraints, participation reached an all-time high. We are a versatile force, able to adapt and take on new challenges while preserving preparation. “

Also on September 20, senior members of the MP for Fort Leonard Wood gathered at the MP Memorial Grove to pay tribute to the deceased MP’s siblings.

Guests of honor at the ceremony included local Gold Star families of fallen MPs, and the music was performed by former MP Christiana Ball.

At the event, MP Regimental Command Sgt. Major Michael Bennett spoke about the importance to the MP Corps of commemorative motifs.

“For all of us in this regiment, this is where it all begins, and this is where, ultimately, it ends,” he said. “It serves as a rallying point for those who have served, but more importantly, it serves as a crossing point for the regiment to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. “

Following the remarks, Col. Steven Yamashita, USAMPS Deputy Commander, Regiment 5 Chief Warrant Officer Mark Arnold and Bennett laid a wreath in honor of fallen MPs before a 21-gun salute cannon and a riderless horse passed the grove while bagpipes were being played.

Events on September 21 included a bass fishing tournament in the Lake of the Ozarks Recreation Area and an 80-mile Regimental Motorcycle Ride.

It was the fifth year of the bass tournament, Brown said, and 98 participants from 49 boats competed against each other. The big winning bar weighed 5.04 pounds and was captured by the team of retired MP John Pimentel and his son, Jonathan. The first place team were Dennis Freeman and Mike Dewitt, who grabbed a combined weight of 17.22 pounds. The Pimentels finished in second place, which caught a combined weight of 16.35 pounds. In third was the team of Brad Fuller and Brandon Morris, who grabbed a combined weight of 12.86 pounds. Everyone on the winning team and the person who caught the biggest bass received trophies and gift certificates.

A total of 23 motorcyclists took part in this year’s Regimental Ride, which in addition to promoting esprit de corps and MP Corps pride, also provided another opportunity to ensure compliance with all safety policies. motorcycles here. The ride included stops in Osage, Missouri, and a visit to the bass tournament.

On September 23, the USAMPS hosted a change of responsibility ceremony at Gammon Field, where Bennett handed over his responsibilities to Command Sgt. Major Shawn Klosterman. The event also included a retirement ceremony for Bennett, who served 27 years in the military.

Yamashita presided over the ceremony in place of Knell – who was on a temporary assignment. He called the change in responsibility a “public demonstration of continuity of leadership for the soldiers in the unit.”

“It allows us to examine a unit and its accomplishments, as well as formally recognize outgoing and incoming leaders,” he said.

Yamashita also thanked the MP Corps soldiers and their families for the sacrifices they make for the nation.

“The reason why we are successful is no more complex than it was when our nation was first born,” he said. “It’s because of the men and women in uniform, the ones who come out every day and get involved – not for power, not for fame, not for money, but because they love our country, believe in freedom, and they are willing to give whatever it takes to help us be successful.

To Bennett, Yamashita thanked for 27 years of hard work and dedication.

“The hard work and tireless efforts of you and your teams have made a significant and measurable contribution to our nation,” he said. “Without a doubt, you improved every formation you were in or before.”

Yamashita also congratulated Klosterman and welcomed him to USAMPS.

“You have been chosen to lead our school and shape our regiment, and we have the utmost confidence in your abilities, your leadership and your simple know-how to accomplish the difficult tasks,” said Yamashita.

After thanking his family, friends and colleagues, Bennett said the MP Corps stands out from the rest of the military.

“When we are not directly supporting combat operations, we are monitoring our communities, day and night,” he said. “We protect the most dangerous criminal offenders and conduct criminal investigations around the world, just to make our military safer. “

Bennett spoke of the full confidence he has in Klosterman’s ability to thrive in his new role.

“If my son were to join us today, I would in (Klosterman’s) roster,” Bennett said.

Klosterman, who comes to Fort Leonard Wood from the 18th Military Police Brigade, Grafenwoehr, Germany, said he was “excited for the journey ahead.”

“I will lead with energy and optimism, striving to do common things exceptionally well,” he said. “I will be the best servant leader I can be, and I will never lead by the piece of cloth I wear on my chest, but with the heart underneath.”

The week’s events concluded with a golf tournament on September 24 at Piney Valley Golf Course. Out of more than 100 participants, the team of Mike Abram, Jeff Caquelin, Tim Thorne and John Wales finished in first place.

The MP Corps is one of the youngest branches of the military, having been officially established on September 26, 1941.

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