Seattle Seahawks announce WR Tyler Lockett as nominated for Walter Payton NFL Team Man of the Year award

Dedication to youth

In 2021, he established a new college scholarship program, selecting seven students who will receive $ 34,000 in scholarships for the 2021-2022 academic year. Scholarship students have been admitted to Tennessee State University, Wichita State University, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, Oral Roberts University, and Tulsa Community College.

Through Lockett’s Youth Sports Leadership Initiative, he identifies youth sports organizations that could excel and benefit from clothing donation, funding and leadership principles. In 2021, Lockett identified three organizations in Oklahoma to receive $ 21,000 in Adidas uniforms and funding.

Partnering with the Kansas State Department of Athletics in 2021, Lockett provided $ 10,000 to the Kansas State football team to implement Catapult data tracking technology for the 2021 season. This portable technology allows teams to track the distance traveled by players, explosive games and load (the physiological balance of a movement). Providing teams with more player data allows them to make real-time decisions while determining how best to manage their players’ health.

In 2019, Lockett launched a buddy program that aims to identify high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Tulsa and provide them with opportunities to learn from leaders in all industries. In the first year of the program, three students visited the Seattle Seahawks and learned from various departments within the organization. Each selected student also receives a Lockett University scholarship.

Since 2017, he has organized a Youth Football ProCamp in Seattle and Oklahoma. Over the two-day camps, more than 300 young people receive technical training from Lockett and other coaches, including instruction, lectures, fundamental football skills, contests and non-contact games in a high-energy environment. , fun and positive.

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