Spark Foundry study: Facebook remains the preferred platform of Romanians


Over the past year, the need for connection and information has increased, according to the New Media Adoption study, carried out by the media agency Spark Foundry, member of Publicis Groupe Romania. Compared to previous years, Romanians used the web more: they were more present on platforms (53%) and social networks (48%) and made more payments (55%) and online purchases (52 %). At the same time, the restrictions and limitations of this period led them to read news online more frequently (48%) and to watch movies and series more often (43%). The new study is part of Focus On: New Media Usage, a series of reports that monitor changing media consumption behaviors, based on quantitative studies.

“With this new data set, we can draw our first conclusions about trends in new media consumption. We were pleasantly surprised by the sign of maturity given by the 18-34 segment where there is an increase in confidence in the information received on television, given that the search for news on the Internet is the activity with the biggest increase compared to the previous wave. of data. Another interesting aspect is that, TikTok, the social media platform with the strongest momentum, shows a decrease in awareness of Influence Media campaigns under conditions where the pursuit of celebrities / influencers is the reason to use the platforms with the higher growth vs. previous wave. We have confirmation that when the subject is serious, even the younger generation turns to conventional and regulated media. We also have confirmation that not all Influence Media campaigns are a guaranteed success; as in any communication activity, there must be a strategic common thread in the execution for it to have the desired effect ”, Explain Valeriu Galani, Managing Director Spark Foundry.

Reasons Romanians use social media

In the context of the pandemic, urban internet users accessed social networks in particular to spend their free time, to relax (65%), but also to stay in touch with their loved ones (64%), reasons that are mainly found in adults over 45. Adults are also making more use of social media to keep up to date with life news from family members, friends and co-workers.

Younger generations behave more actively on social networks. They seek out diversity of content, research information on different products or brands they want to buy, post photos or videos, join different communities and follow celebrities or influencers.

Most viewed social media platforms

Facebook continues to be the most popular social media platform, with 93% coverage among internet users in urban areas, used by all age groups, but mostly by people over 55 (98%) . People aged 25 to 34 are more attracted to platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, while young people aged 18 to 24 prefer TikTok, Snapchat, Reddit and LinkedIn. People over 45 prefer to access Twitter.

Preferred online content

Images remain the most popular type of social media content, for all age groups, with 78% audience coverage. While young people (18-24 years old) prefer videos (72%) or stories on Instagram (45%), 35-44 year olds are more attracted to live streaming (19%) and 45-55 year olds are interested in posts from their favorite brands (44%) and 360-degree images and videos (29%). At the same time, articles (61%) and audio content (33%) continue to be appreciated more by those over 55.

Instagram activities

Regarding Instagram activity, there are no significant differences from the May study. There are small changes in people between the ages of 35 and 44, changes most likely generated by the holiday season, when they have posted more content. At the same time, young people use the platform to click on labels in stories or posts (to go directly to the brand’s page / store), to react to surveys or to drag stories.

TikTok campaigns and influencers

Although the number of people using TikTok is increasing, awareness of influencer campaigns is lower, which is likely due to the increasingly diverse content on the platform. Top campaigns with influencers include campaigns related to music (60%) and beauty and fashion (57%), while the campaigns with the largest increase from the previous wave, in addition to those related to music, were related to tourism (55%), culture (39%), DIY (33%), interior design (41%), social campaigns (44%), personal / professional development (51%) .

Audio content, an authentic way to connect with others

Platforms that have exclusively audio content recorded a significant increase among Romanians, compared to the results of the May study. These platforms are seen as a new and authentic way to connect with other people (79%).

Live streaming for entertainment

The number of urban internet users watching live events on social media has declined, possibly due to the holiday season. Both May and September data show music was the star of live streaming (71%). Concerts (47%), personal and professional development classes (43%) or live streaming games (40%) have decreased significantly compared to the previous wave.

E-commerce via social networks

8 out of 10 urban internet users think that the tag function used by brands for e-commerce is useful because it reduces the time to search for products (74%) and provides full details on the price, without having to access the site ( 78%).


Among those who have engaged in gambling activities in recent months, there are both young people and adults. People aged 45 to 55 downloaded and played smartphone games more than in the previous wave (61%), and those aged 35 to 44 played games online with strangers (39%) .

The popularity of the game, the graphics / design of the game, the common thread, but also the recommendations of influencers are the main reasons why people between the ages of 18 and 24 try a video game.

Online Communities

Urban internet users continue to join online communities to find people with similar interests. Compared to the previous wave, this wave was more about benefits within brand communities and less about brand proximity.

The 34-44 year olds are the most interested in the events organized by the brands, and the 25-34 year olds are the easiest to convince to go to the events.

Family media consumption

64% of those surveyed watch television with their families and 41% of them admitted that in the past year they have watched more television or online programs for children than before the pandemic.

Indeed, television remains the main source of information for 43% of Romanians, who say they prefer to watch the news rather than read the news online. Young people between the ages of 18 and 24 spend more time watching television, an activity that brings them closer to their families.


The study was conducted by the media agency Spark Foundry, through online interviews, on a sample of 805 people, women and men, over 18 years old, internet users, in urban areas, between the 8th and the 15th. September 2021.

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