SquadLocker, rSchoolToday and VNN Form Clothing and Custom Service Partnership

WARWICK, RI, Dec 3 2021 / PRNewswire / – SquadLocker, a leading disruptor of custom apparel software and fulfillment services, has been named a key apparel and service provider for rSchoolToday, a cloud-based software solutions company serving the kindergarten to grade 12 market.

Serving more than 8,000 schools, districts, colleges and universities, the rSchoolToday platform provides an integrated suite of cloud-hosted software and mobile application solutions. Thanks to its partnership with SquadLocker, rSchoolToday will now be able to integrate garment processing on its platform.

“We are delighted to partner with SquadLocker,” says Ray dretske, president and co-founder of rSchoolToday. “They offer a powerful and easy-to-use platform, great quality and excellent service, and can grow with us as we continue to grow rapidly in the K-12 market.”

RSchoolToday customers will be able to take advantage of SquadLocker’s revolutionary e-commerce software and on-demand fulfillment services that alleviate the traditional tasks that administrators face, such as managing tight order windows, facilitating data transfers to clothing partners and clothing distribution management.

“Our on-demand e-commerce and fulfillment platform is ideal for helping every child, club, team and faculty member celebrate their unique identity, all year round,” says Gary Goldberg, CEO of SquadLocker.

Through their exclusive partnership with SquadLocker, rSchoolToday customers will be set up with digital storefronts that never close. Students, athletes, fans and families can shop for liquor clothes, athletic uniforms and club wear directly – and have them delivered to their doorstep with no minimum orders.

“Celebrating the identity of every student and allowing every organization, team or club in a school to purchase personalized materials throughout the year is true to our mission,” says Goldberg. “rSchoolToday and VNN both have thousands of schools using their platforms. We are committed to serving each and helping each student reach their full potential.”

About SquadLocker:
SquadLocker is a technology-driven apparel and software services company transforming the way sports organizations, schools, and businesses develop and distribute personalized products. Through its collaborative software platform, SquadLocker offers a suite of free services that free up time, offer brand control, and ease the burden of managing and distributing personalized apparel and products. SquadLocker is powered by a team that strives to help teachers, coaches, mentors and young leaders save the time to help every child realize and reach their full potential. To learn more, visit squadlocker.com.

About rSchoolToday:
rSchoolToday is a 28-year-old company providing an integrated suite of 25 cloud-hosted software and mobile application solutions to the primary and secondary education market. RSchool’s sports management platform includes the most widely adopted sports programmer on the market. rSchool currently serves more than 8,700 schools and 15 state sports associations. www.rschooltoday.com

About VNN
VNN is the largest and fastest growing high school sports communication platform in the United States. As an exclusive partner of over 15% of all U.S. high school sports communities, VNN products connect the high school sports experience on a single platform for parents, athletes, fans, software vendors and passionate sports professionals across the country. https://www.vnnsports.net/

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