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Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) has issued a set of guidelines as part of its efforts to transform the organization into a disciplined and effective semi-executive party.

In addition to avoiding protests that create a nuisance for the general public, the party will also deny leadership roles to those known to consume alcohol in public. The guidelines were communicated to all levels of the organization.

The party will put under surveillance those who have close ties and make unnecessary deals with its political rivals. The KPCC also asked each unit to form panels to iron out differences within the party.

At least one leader representing each of the women and scheduled castes will share the stage with others at public party meetings. Leaders will not be sidelined because of personal rivalries.

Other important decisions

• Action should be initiated after identifying party activists taking an indifferent stance or working against the party in the elections.

• Offices should stop being male-centric

• Each booth should prepare a “family journal”, which should contain details of pro-party members in each family in the area under the unit, and those who pledge allegiance to other organizations.

• Alcohol consumption, smoking and card games will not be allowed in party offices.

• Fundraising should not be forced. The policy of revenge will not be tolerated

• Interventions on social networks and telephone conversations must remain within the limits of decency

• Flexible boards offering wishes to district and state gatherings should be on behalf of official committees, not on behalf of individual leaders.

• Gandhiji’s photo is mandatory for all festive events

• Committees should ensure a sense of security for all workers in Congress. Arrangements should be made to assist congressional workers if they are faced with a court case

• Individuals should not fundraise from members of the public.

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